Fish Out Of Water

Frank Chun
Kaneohe, Hawaii
OUTLET: Fishing and Diving

Fish out of Water
To those brave few who attempt to keep up with Frank as he navigates the water, I can assure that you will be met with two clear realizations: the first most obvious would be that if anyone belongs in the ocean it would be Frank; the second, as your lungs burn for air, would be that it is best you leave him to do what he does best. At that point, we are mere visitors in Frank’s territory.

Frank’s comfort in the ocean allows him to escape down below into a world many of us have yet to discover. He has an innate sense when he is fishing, seeing what our eyes don’t catch and diving much deeper than we could ever hope to go. His accuracy and ease while fishing is an art-form in itself. Frank’s playground is the ultimate outlet to his life above water.

Here’s a glimpse into Frank’s life underwater…

80 Year Old Street Artist

Robert Janz
Tribeca, NYC



When Banksy announced his month long “artist residency” in New York in October 2013, I joined the crowds who followed his elaborate works around the city.  It was at debut of Banksy’s 9/11 tribute when I noticed a small gathering around an unremarkable looking man.  Curious to find out who he was – who knew, he could be Banksy, – I asked him who he was. His response: “I’m a street artist.”  Now, I know the great limitations that stereotypes carry, but I’d be lying if I were to say that I wasn’t intrigued by Robert’s obviously unconventional street-demeanor… I needed to find out this guy’s story.

In his early teens, he was drawn to the ancient stick figure drawings found on walls and rocks, specifically found on his trips to New Mexico, Montana, and Utah.  During a visit to the South of Spain, he noticed the same types of drawing in the Pyrenees caves.  He realized that the most ancient form of art expression was found in the natural habitats of the artist; this was when he decided he too would do the same.  The streets of where he lived became Robert’s canvas.

“Graffiti artist” is not a term Robert likes to be referred to; he prefers to be called a “street artist.”  He doesn’t condone graffiti because he feels it is disrespectful.  Confused at first to his logic, I asked him what the difference is between what he does and what every other graffiti artist does.  Robert response was that he never defaces property that hasn’t already been defaced.  He paints over posters, ads, and graffiti, but never over clean walls.  “The city is our environment; I would like to walk the streets without being inundated by ads or “POST NO BILLS” signs.”  Through his simple paintings of transparentmountains and animals, he transforms a little piece of the urban clutter we are bombarded with, into a dream-like landscape.

At 80 years old, Robert has had his fair share of run-ins with the Law.  But that hasn’t slowed him down.  He goes out every morning with paint in hand.  I got a chance to go out with him and watch him transform a wall covered in “POST NO BILLS” signs, into a beautiful poem…. and luckily, there were no cops that morning.

The Struggling Artist

Sean Yoro
Kaneohe, Hawaii / Brooklyn, New York

Outlet: Painting

I had the pleasure of meeting Sean when he was started his first piece for his FIRST Art Show. This Hawaii born artist moved to New York to pursue his passion in life. He left his friends, family, and job behind and is now living the “starving artist” life in hopes to make it big in the city that can make or break you. I don’t want to bore you with any more writing so I’ll let his painting do the talking. To see more of Sean Yoro’s paintings or to read more about him, please visit his website!

Here is a Time Lapse of Sean painting one of his portraits for his upcoming show. I set up my GoPro and had it take a picture every 30 seconds and after 18 hours of filming here is the finished product.


Here are some pictures from Sean’s Art Show at Tammany Hall in NYC. Sean ended up selling some paintings and for a monday night this place was packed with supporters… But then again who can say no to an open bar, no cover charge, and awesome paintings.