The Struggling Artist

Sean Yoro
Kaneohe, Hawaii / Brooklyn, New York

Outlet: Painting

I had the pleasure of meeting Sean when he was started his first piece for his FIRST Art Show. This Hawaii born artist moved to New York to pursue his passion in life. He left his friends, family, and job behind and is now living the “starving artist” life in hopes to make it big in the city that can make or break you. I don’t want to bore you with any more writing so I’ll let his painting do the talking. To see more of Sean Yoro’s paintings or to read more about him, please visit his website!

Here is a Time Lapse of Sean painting one of his portraits for his upcoming show. I set up my GoPro and had it take a picture every 30 seconds and after 18 hours of filming here is the finished product.


Here are some pictures from Sean’s Art Show at Tammany Hall in NYC. Sean ended up selling some paintings and for a monday night this place was packed with supporters… But then again who can say no to an open bar, no cover charge, and awesome paintings.