Custom Etched Glasses

What's Your Outlet? If its liquid therapy these glasses are for you!

Supplies are limited and once they're gone, THEY'RE GONE!!! 

Stemless Wine Glass

Pour a glass of your favorite drink and unwind with your custom etched stemless wine glass. 

- No one likes to drink alone so each order comes with 2 Glasses 

- 17oz Stemless Wine Glasses

- Etched Outlet Logo

** Due to this item being fragile, shipping requires a bigger box than normal. The smallest box can fit up to 6 glasses so the shipping price is the same up to 3 orders. 

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People call Hawaii many things... paradise, relaxing, beautiful. Being born and raised in Hawaii, you become oblivious to a lot of the things that Hawaii has to offer. For me, I never realized how lucky I was to be brought up in a place like this. It all hit me after looking over some test shots I took with my drone. Here's a short video I put together of a place some people might consider their "Outlet" but for me it will always be my home...

Dodgeball Game

โ€œDuck, Dodge, Dip, Dive, and Dodge!โ€

My Outlet held a free dodgeball event for those that needed to let off some steam by throwing some balls at people. 

A quick video from our Dodgeball event that was held on April 27, 2014.