Fish Out Of Water

Frank Chun
Kaneohe, Hawaii
OUTLET: Fishing and Diving

Fish out of Water
To those brave few who attempt to keep up with Frank as he navigates the water, I can assure that you will be met with two clear realizations: the first most obvious would be that if anyone belongs in the ocean it would be Frank; the second, as your lungs burn for air, would be that it is best you leave him to do what he does best. At that point, we are mere visitors in Frank’s territory.

Frank’s comfort in the ocean allows him to escape down below into a world many of us have yet to discover. He has an innate sense when he is fishing, seeing what our eyes don’t catch and diving much deeper than we could ever hope to go. His accuracy and ease while fishing is an art-form in itself. Frank’s playground is the ultimate outlet to his life above water.

Here’s a glimpse into Frank’s life underwater…